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There is an increasing demand for pain relieve from people whom are recovering from injuries or surgery, losing weight and/or increase muscle mass. Miha Bodytec does all the above, 20 minutes each session within 3 to 8 sessions.

Back pain, neck, shoulder, hip, knee and ankle injuries are common reason for us to take pain killer and reduce activity level. Training with Miha Bodytec (EMS) increases muscular and neurological activity, strengthen ligaments and tendon’s, muscle fibers and nerve system. While training with weights or other methods will lead to more pain.

An increase blood flow enables damage or dead cells in getting the nutrients they need to rebuild and at the same time producing more endorphins, the pain relieving hormone, that your body produces by using Miha Bodytec. The neuromuscular response is much quicker with Miha Bodytec (EMS) then other forms of training. Without any heavy weights, without elastic bands, without needles, you can recover from  pain and injuries plus the benefit of reducing body fat, increasing muscle mass thus improving the quality of your life.

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